When does it start for early marriage to become an issue?

During my parent's time, early marriage wasn't such a big issue. I mean, during those time, a couple can get married as young as 18 years old(or even younger), so long the guy can provide a dowry to the family of the girl and of course, the parents has consent to the relationship. It was CULTURE speaking.

It wasn't so bad. It was an accepted norm...during those time.

But how about today? What made the difference?

Actually, I kept on asking myself why the kids of 20th century prefer to marry (not exactly marry, but live together even without the blessing of the parents and the church) at a young age. I don't see the point.

My cousin, who grew up in a dysfunctional family marry at a young age (right after she graduated in high school). She's brilliant, as a matter of fact, she graduated as class valedictorian, bagged a scholarpship in college but then...she just lost it. She didn't continue studying because she was pregnant. What was her reason? So far, I think it's escape from the life she had. Does it work? I don't think so. I can tell she's happy but really really undergoing a difficult life. Raising a family is not an easy stuff, right? At 19, she already go two kids. Pano pa kaya after 5 or 10 years? Eewww!

Then there's a close friend of mine. She already got a baby boy. She was already pregnant before we graduated in college. She's nice, lively and smart but I don't understand what drove her to engage in a serious relationship (and sex!!). I know she got problems at home (but who doesn't? I myself have loads of stuff to worry about) but we're not really expecting she would submit herself to a guy without making any reservations for herself, for her dreams. I'm not against the guy she choose to be with, in fact, it was our fault why they fell in love with each other. The point is she got fantastic dreams,the future has so much promises awaiting for her...but I bet it's not her priority anymore.

And there are my classmates in secondary school. I was really astound to know that most of them were already married, tending to kids. I know some of them had gone to college and accepted their diplomas, but how come...Yun nalang ba ang hangganan ng nga pangarap at pagsusumikap nila?

If the main reason is escape from the confinement of dysfunctional family or povery, why not choose a better partner in life...someone who got money, someone who believes in God and value his family more than anything else?

Was it love? I understand the power of love...it's an immense feeling, addicting right? But hey, it changes.

I know, this should be none of my business if my friends marry at a young age but hey, their action triggers a chain reaction. Young girls get impregnated, give life to a new offspring (another mouth to feed). Additional population to an impoverish society. Blah Blah Blah....it's a big issue to tackle.

Why can't we have a culture to change for the better?


Lee Hee Hyo said...

yup you're right its not your business anymore, hehehe as long as you are going the right path just ignore them as if they never existed. heheh basta ika iaian tultol barayai na san.

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