Last Christmas Eve...

I lost my money last Christmas eve…

…but God repaid me with a more glorifying gift.

Do you know the feeling when you lose something valuable to you? It’s very uncomfortable, isn’t it? Like you want to blame other people for your misfortune, or curse God for making your life miserable. And later you have this trending “what ifs” in mind. You feel like every ounce of happiness is sucked out of you.

But the thing is I know better than that. Last Christmas eve, I learned a great lesson about life. I stopped having grudges. Finally, for the first time, I come to understand that sometimes, our misfortunes does not mean punishment or karma to us…I believe it is necessary in God’s plans---a plan of making everyone happy especially on Christmas day.

Yes. Someone made me realize that. Doing a great deed of kindness to other people requires sacrifice. It will always mean giving…sharing…losing…And I couldn’t be more grateful to be a lucky recipient of such a selfless act.

So to God and to you, thank you.

(P.S. Sai, i will be forever indebted to you...)

Talking Nonsense

I have had no proper sleep for the past nights so, I have acquired these friggin' thoughts about stupid things... I'm beginning to hate the life I have right now because it's so relaxed. The thrill of struggling for survival ran out. I wanna run away from this place for sometime because the environment sucks. I mean, I'm tired of breathing in the dark and dirty exhaust of vehicles, I'm tired of sitting in with drunken companions, I'm tired of facing my students who are so pacute... I wanna quit. I wanna stop listening to other people, stop pleasing them because it's too damn hard to pretend. For once, I wanna do the stuffs I want. To hell, I'll scream, I'll laugh, I'll cry to my satisfaction. I wanna bust my head. I'm a fool, an ungrateful creature worth extinguishing. It's so unkind of me to have these thoughts lurking on my mind. Afterall, I'm the one who pleadingly asked God to grant these things on me. I'm living life. This is life.

At least, the stupid me is learning.





Life Update

It’s been a while since the last time I post a babble here. Actually, I got so much to say…I just don’t know where to start.

Two months ago, I was too nervous to accept the teaching job offered to me, mainly because I was assigned to one of the school's remote branches (which I thought was so out of this world) and I reckoned it be would be difficult to face a new life there without seeing my usual companions and I feared that it might took me a long time to adjust to my new environment. But then I thought, how can I grow as a person if I will limit myself---my experiences? I wanna try exploring places...meeting people. I guess, what I'm yearning for was self discovery. You see, I always wanted to break free from the chain of fear and doubt and pessimism…I wanna know the extent of my ability...I just wanted to be the person my friends and family perceived me to be.

So there I go---venturing on the unknown. Scary but I made it. Am I remorseful? No. As a matter of fact, I was thankful I'd chosen to be here. God is so good he'd given me the chance to meet wonderful people who are young but full of wisdom. He put me in a controlled environment where I can gradually grow as a person.

I only wish to learn more about life before the time comes that we'll bade goodbyes....

When does it start for early marriage to become an issue?

During my parent's time, early marriage wasn't such a big issue. I mean, during those time, a couple can get married as young as 18 years old(or even younger), so long the guy can provide a dowry to the family of the girl and of course, the parents has consent to the relationship. It was CULTURE speaking.

It wasn't so bad. It was an accepted norm...during those time.

But how about today? What made the difference?

Actually, I kept on asking myself why the kids of 20th century prefer to marry (not exactly marry, but live together even without the blessing of the parents and the church) at a young age. I don't see the point.

My cousin, who grew up in a dysfunctional family marry at a young age (right after she graduated in high school). She's brilliant, as a matter of fact, she graduated as class valedictorian, bagged a scholarpship in college but then...she just lost it. She didn't continue studying because she was pregnant. What was her reason? So far, I think it's escape from the life she had. Does it work? I don't think so. I can tell she's happy but really really undergoing a difficult life. Raising a family is not an easy stuff, right? At 19, she already go two kids. Pano pa kaya after 5 or 10 years? Eewww!

Then there's a close friend of mine. She already got a baby boy. She was already pregnant before we graduated in college. She's nice, lively and smart but I don't understand what drove her to engage in a serious relationship (and sex!!). I know she got problems at home (but who doesn't? I myself have loads of stuff to worry about) but we're not really expecting she would submit herself to a guy without making any reservations for herself, for her dreams. I'm not against the guy she choose to be with, in fact, it was our fault why they fell in love with each other. The point is she got fantastic dreams,the future has so much promises awaiting for her...but I bet it's not her priority anymore.

And there are my classmates in secondary school. I was really astound to know that most of them were already married, tending to kids. I know some of them had gone to college and accepted their diplomas, but how come...Yun nalang ba ang hangganan ng nga pangarap at pagsusumikap nila?

If the main reason is escape from the confinement of dysfunctional family or povery, why not choose a better partner in life...someone who got money, someone who believes in God and value his family more than anything else?

Was it love? I understand the power of's an immense feeling, addicting right? But hey, it changes.

I know, this should be none of my business if my friends marry at a young age but hey, their action triggers a chain reaction. Young girls get impregnated, give life to a new offspring (another mouth to feed). Additional population to an impoverish society. Blah Blah's a big issue to tackle.

Why can't we have a culture to change for the better?

Love or Need?

Love against need--which will you choose?

I picked need. I thought filling in my needs would be enough to make myself happy. But I was wrong. It's like stuffing myself with food but in the end I still ask "nabusog ba ako?" I almost scold myself for the answer.

Love. I don't have an idea what love exactly is. Di pa naman ako naiinlove talaga (yeah I'm 21 and still..arg! manhid siguro ako??!!) except for the puppy love I experienced when I was in the 6th grade sa elementary. Hell, that was 48 years ago! I have forgotten the boy who made me feel ecstatic but I remember how foolish to be love sicked. Nakakatawa!

He wasn't so cute but I stared on him like he was a greek god walking on earth. Pakiramdam ko pagkasaman ko sya, things will always turn out fine. I gave my best because I know he'll notice me when I stand out sa klase. I adore him for no reason at all. And I'm simply happy...(bad ending nga lang).

Now I'm grown up, I said being practical won't hurt. In fact, it's a means to save yourself from being hurt, right? So I pick out my guy and said "I'll make out the best in our relationship." but later, I grew sick of him. I don't even want to talk to him kasi nasasakal ako. I came to a point when I realized I don't want him to be part of my life anymore. The make believe about love and the sweet promises are not enough to keep us a duo because things are falling apart.

I know it was my selfish intention that brought me this dilimma. Sometimes I think why should I worry too much when in the end, di naman ako masasaktan. In fact, matutuwa talaga ako... yun nga lang, my conscience keeps on taunting me. If breaking up is as easy as saying it, I could have done it a long time ago.

Now I don't know how to tell him how I feel. He is so kind to me and I don't find a reason para itorture sya kasi, it was my fault naman talaga. Dapat siguro, iadopt ko na yung song ni Mark Bautista na "Break It to Me Gently" as theme song, LOL.

Haizt, ito nakukuha ng bad move. Sabi nga sa Forest Gumb "sometimes we all do things that, well, just don't make no sense."


How could thee

Scribble thy wit with profound fury?

Did thee answered the sweet call of madness

In the wilderness of the night

When the haughty moon

Shy in the clouds -----

The heart waltz in vain

And sing with the lullabies

Of the sobered raven

And thee’s crimson blood


Pops in thy pen.

.....anger is like a rushing water with a strong current. It looks for outlets---for holes to pass through, but if it finds none, it fills up and floods --- drowning you.